Why Are Milk Baths Good For You?

Not just any old milk bath... Buttermilk Bath!

They have been around for centuries - dating back to ancient Egyptian and Queen Cleopatra! She is well known for making these baths famous for all their benefits. She claimed it was her buttermilk baths that kept her beautiful, youthful and glowing!

Buttermilk Baths contain Lactic Acid (part of the Alpha Hydroxy family) which works as an exfoliator that gets rid of dead skin.

It literally removes the dead skin right off your body!

It also lightens your skin giving it a nice even, bright and youthful glow. In other words, taking a milk bath gives your soft skin a whole new meaning!

Buttermilk is naturally high in fat, which helps to hydrate your skin - meaning everyone can benefit from this luxurious and relaxing bath.

We team our Buttermilk with Magnesium Salts to provide the ultimate in bath relaxation, hydration and renewal for your body and skin, in our unique formulation at Little Brown Goose.

After a nice hot soak in a Buttermilk Bath, you will exit with skin feeling soft and silky and wondering why you had never had a Bath Time Fun milk bath before!



  • Joanne

    Thank you so much great hair stuff love the smell

  • Joanne

    I received my 2nd order I am loving the washing powder and the amazing smells from the crystals. Thank you for the samples of the other fragrances can’t wait to try these. Highly recommended

  • leanne
    Received my gorgeous order, looks and smells amazing 💖

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