About Bath Baths

Bath Bombs Australia

Experience and enjoy a refreshing bath with our beautiful and colourful bath bombs. Unlike generic bath bombs, Little Brown Goose carefully designs and manufactures our natural bath bombs with beautiful and unique fragrances and natural oils. Our handmade bath bombs are great for adults, teenagers and kids alike.

All of our bath bombs Australia have a hidden burst of colour inside them to add more bath time fun, to your experience. We make some of Australias best bath bombs, here at Little Brown Goose.

Made from all-natural ingredients, our products are perfect for people who are suffering from dry skin and eczema. They are environment-friendly, balanced, and lightweight. Our bath bombs rejuvenated the skin to help keep it fresh and moisturised after every bath. Pamper yourself with our uniquely scented products and feel the healthy difference.

Bath Bombs with Suprise Toys

Be sure to check out our bath bombs with surprise toys inside. We have one for both boys and girls. These are a super gift bath bomb.

Bath Bombs Afterpay

All our fragrant bath bombs are available with Afterpay. Select Afterpay as the payment method during checkout, and you and your kids will be able to enjoy your bath time with our amazing and colourful best bath bombs Australia in no time!

Bath Bombs Online

We know that when you are buying online, you want to be sure you are getting the best possible product, which is why we quality test all our products ourself, and they are made in small controlled batches, to provide you with a brand you can trust and some of the best bath bombs.

What is the point of a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are, used to add oils, fragrance, bubbles or colour to your bath, allowing some bath time fun.

What business makes the best bath bombs?

At Little Brown Goose we believe we make some of the best bath bombs around. But a bath bomb business should always have there ingredients listed for you to see, as well the size and weight of the product you are buying. Use this as an essential guide to help when choosing where to buy your bath bombs.