Sustainable Products

Here at Little Brown Goose, we ensure the suppliers we use to source our raw ingredients take the same go green approach we do. We are aware of the current world we live in and those who are making a stand in preserving it. We are very excited to be supporting this movement and continually seeking ways to be greener.  

Living in the pristine seaside town of Port Lincoln, we understand how important our oceans are. We also refuse to use any palm oil in our products due to the damage the palm oil industry has done, and the rain-forests this industry has destroyed. Oceans are really at a crisis point, and our rain-forests are disappearing before our very eyes. Orangutans are suffering every day at the hands of the palm oil industry. Before we know, there won't be any of a planet left to leave our children.

Little Brown Goose believes in being honest and ethical. We will always remain 100% transparent.

We choose to tread lightly on this earth and to leave only small footprints behind us. Our brand is palm oil-free, and we are doing our best to be plastic-free, the glitter we use in our products is biodegradable. Our packaging material is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials where possible.