Essential Oil

Essential oils that we use, and some of their documented benefits


Essential oil. The flavonoids present in bergamot oil are very good relaxants as well. They soothe the nerves and reduce nervous tension, anxiety, and stress, all of which can help cure ailments associated with stress such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression.


Soothes monthly discomfort associated with menstrual cycles, helps balance hormones, soothes nervous tension and lightens the mood, calming and soothing to the skin.


Its decongestant, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory properties. With a classic fresh and aroma, Eucalyptus Blue Gum Essential Oil has applications for a multitude of therapeutic purposes. The indigenous Tasmanian people have used Eucalyptus throughout history to heal cuts, colds, infections, and more.


Essential oil includes its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation, and treat respiratory problems.


This oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties; Lemon is a good cleaner. Used for cleansing the body.


Is highly versatile and boasts an uplifting and engaging lemon aroma. It is new to the world of aromatherapy and quickly discovered as a powerhouse of therapeutic benefits. Emotionally, Lemon Myrtle is a valuable resource to improve concentration, fight depression, and help users feel calm, relaxed, and tranquil.


This essential oil has long been used in traditional Asian medicine, especially in Malaysia, China and Japan. It is used to treat skin and hair problems, such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry, chapped skin, dandruff, and oily scalp. It also has wound healing and scar reducing properties.


Emotionally, Peppermint Piperita essential oil is a perfect solution to fight mental fatigue and stress. Its invigorating scent refreshes the spirit and stimulates concentration very efficiently. Just inhaling pure Peppermint essential oil can battle exhaustion as a natural alternative to energy drinks and coffee. Physically, there isn’t much Peppermint can’t do. One of its most well-known uses is to battle congestion, headache, and respiratory discomfort along with Eucalyptus oil


This essential oil is excellent for treating a variety of skin disorders such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, rashes and fungal infections.


Makes a great addition to shampoos and conditioners because it can moisturise the scalp, remove dandruff, and even prevent lice. More than anything else, Tea Tree essential oil is known for its ability to fight off infection, fungus, and bug bites. Its antimicrobial power makes it perfect to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, and its natural antibiotic abilities help to fight any sort of infection, including respiratory and sinus problems.


Emotionally, Ylang Ylang enhances mood by positively influencing the olfactory system of the brain. Makes it popular as a natural depression remedy to release negative emotions. Acting as a mild sedative, it can also support a good night’s sleep and limit stress by lowering blood pressure and heartbeat.