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Shower Steamers


Enjoy a luxury aromatherapy shower experience with our Shower Steamers, which contain essential oils, and menthol crystals to bring you the best aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your shower.

Shower Steamers are like a bath bomb for you to enjoy in your shower. So enjoy some me-time today, renew and relax while breathing deeply to embrace the whole shower steamer experience. 

Experience and enjoy a refreshing shower with our beautiful shower steamers. Unlike generic shower steamers, Little Brown Goose carefully designs and manufactures our natural shower steamers with beautiful and unique essential oils. 

Our shower steamers in Australia have menthol crystals added to your aromatherapy experience. We make some of Australia's best shower steamers here at Little Brown Goose.

What are shower steamers?

Shower steamers are an invigorating aromatherapy experience for your shower. Most shower steamers contain menthol, which will help you breathe a little easier as this assists with helping to open airways.