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  • Wool Dryer Balls


    Wool Dryer Balls by Little Brown Goose, Handmade Dryer Ball from New Zealand Wool, Natural Fabric Softener, Gentle Scent Booster for Sensitive Skin, Reduce Wrinkles & Drying Time, 1000+ Loads.

    A NEW LAUNDRY EXPERIENCE: Little Brown Goose tumble dryer balls are designed to shorten drying time and reduce wrinkles, tangling and twisting of your clothes, which saves you electricity and time to iron the clothes while also lengthening your clothes life. Our drying balls for tumble dryers are reusable and last for 1,000+ loads.

    GENTLE ON YOUR SKIN, CLOTHES & DRYER: Our tumble dryer balls for laundry are made from New Zealand wool; no chemicals or synthetics are used to make these wool dryer balls gentle on your skin, especially baby and those with sensitive skin. No more chemicals from commercial fabric conditioners or dryer sheets, noise or burnt rubber smell lingering in your dryer or on your clothes from plastic balls. Little Brown Goose wool dryer balls bring you solutions for all. 

    SIMPLE, EASY & REUSABLE: Toss a few of our wool dryer balls into the dryer and your wet clothes. These are also natural fabric conditioners or fabric softeners by gently smoothing rough fibres as they tumble around. Unlike dryer sheets that rely on synthetic fragrances, wool dryer balls can also act as a natural scent booster that naturally makes your laundry smell nice with just a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil!

    CREATED WITH PASSION AND LOVE - At Little Brown Goose, we make luxurious, affordable fun handmade bath and body products that everyone and every skin type can enjoy. All our laundry balls for tumble dryers are made by hand to ensure unique and beautiful products for everyone to enjoy and love as we do.

    WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE: Set of 6 XL size wool dryer balls packaged in a designed reusable cotton bag by Little Brown Goose. These are great gifts for baby showers, housewarming parties, for anyone looking to start a natural and sustainable lifestyle, and anyone with a tight schedule looking for more time to enjoy themselves. These wool dryer balls will significantly make laundry more enjoyable.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    Wonderful Dryer Balls

    I was looking for wool dryer balls for a while to buy for myself and to gift to my sisters and mum for us all to try (six sets total!). I was hesitant for a while, but have no regrets with Little Brown Goose.
    My family all love them; my mum doesn't even take them out of the dryer between loads!
    We have a ventless dryer at our home and it usually has to run for an extended period of time to dry clothes completely. We have noticed a reduction in drying time since using the wool dryer balls. Clothes also come out soft and smelling lovely.
    Definitely would recommend!


    Love the dryer balls & yes they absolutely do work. No more tangled sheets taking ages to dry. I just leave them in the dryer & my experience they shorten the drying time. I am now giving them as gifts

    Hayley Donoghue

    Absolutely love the dryer balls, they work wonders and take all the static out of the washing. Add the fresh cotton smell and my clothes and linen smell divine!!

    Steve Starling
    wool dryer ball

    They work just great.towels are beautifully fluffy


    Really like the wool balls, love the addition of the lotus flower oil as well. Does a wonderful job and the clothes are not tangled when I pull them out of the dryer, thank goodness!
    Clothes smell heavenly