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  • Laundry Crystals 1kg


      Add a pleasant laundry fragrance to your washing, and soften your clothes with our natural Laundry Fragrance Crystals by Little Brown Goose. These laundry crystals are a fabric softener and fragrance all in one without all the harsh chemicals and unnecessary fillers in commercial products. 

      Add one tablespoon (or more as desired) of crystals to your top or front loader washing machine for a soft and fragrant laundry wash. 

      If you are a regular dryer user, we recommend you use wool dryer balls with your drying and add some of our fragrance oil in your favourite scent to enhance the smell if you find it fades during the drying process with your clothes dryer.

      Laundry crystals can also be used as a room fragrance. Use a small amount anywhere in your house that needs a fragrance lift. Unsure of which scent to order? 




      Attention front loader owners! Want to know where to put your fabric softener? Look no further! Add it to the designated compartment and fill up to the recommended line. As for top loaders, add them during the rinse cycle for best results. Happy laundry day!  

      These are made in Port Lincoln, S.A., Using the best ingredients possible.

      Australian Made Product.


      Baby Powder

      A soothing and refreshing fragrance that will have you floating in the clouds. Fruity floral undertones of ylang-ylang and freesia are balanced with powdery notes of white musk and the fresh aroma of cypress and citrus.

      Egyptian Musk

      It is merely the muskiest, sexiest, most beguiling musk blend you will ever smell.


      Fulfill your fantasy with this decadent fusion of lychee, white chocolate, and musk, with touches of kiwi, orchid, and sandalwood.

      Fifty Shades

      Send your senses into overdrive with this alluring and powerful fragrance. Embark on an exciting olfactory experience with sharp citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin, paired with warm tobacco, wood and musk.

      Fresh Cotton

      Sweet and Fresh with undertones of Berries

      Fresh Linen

      Clean, Fresh, Powdery, Citrus notes

      Japanese Honeysuckle

      This exotic cocktail of honey-sweet florals and fresh fruit is reminiscent of spring days among the blooming flowers. Neroli, ripe red grape, and jasmine are infused with a delicious woody base that radiates an inviting ambience of wild honeysuckle. 

      Lady Million

      Dazzling and seductive, it is a desirable composition of floral and fresh notes that features bitter orange, neroli and jasmine.


      Floral & fresh best describes this heady aroma, combining calming lavender & and ylang with top citrus notes and a spicy vanilla base.

      Lotus Flower

      The delicate scent of white lotus brings serenity and purity to any space—a cleansing, spiced fusion of crisp citrus, soft florals and praline sweetness. The fragrance rests on a bed of soft patchouli and velvety vanilla for a calming and sensual spirit.


      Sugary treats and nostalgic sweets, this fragrance prompts fond memories of musk-perfumed marshmallows. Top citrus notes of fresh orange and lemon harmonise with a sweet floral heart of jasmine and pink rose and a decadent base of vanilla bean.

      Monkey Farts

      Tropical and fruity, this vibrant fragrance is a crowd-pleaser. A complex bubblegum sweet aroma with a subtle base of vanilla and musk. It is layered with fresh, sun-ripened summer fruits.

      Persian Lime

      The natural, fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

      Snow Fairies

      This blend of cotton candy, pear drops, bubble gum and vanilla smells precisely like the boiled raspberry drop lollies. 

      Oh Five (formerly Chanel No 5)

      Top notes include ylang-ylang and iris, with rose and jasmine mid-notes; on sandalwood base notes, vetiver and vanilla.

      Raspberry & Vanilla

      A bold combination of blackberries and raspberries heads this alluring fragrance, which has pretty, white florals at its core. Resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk harmonise the fragrance.

      Guava & Lychee

      I dream of hot summer days with a hint of juicy lychee and a burst of cooling guava sorbet—a fruity and vibrant fragrance with syrupy, sweet notes of fresh peach and a touch of zesty lime. The guava sorbet aroma is enhanced with a rich, creamy base of coconut and vanilla.

      ** Please note colours may be different to what is pictured, as these are handmade products**


      Laundry Crystals are added to the washing machine during a regular laundry cycle to help soften your washing without clogging the clothing fibres or washing machine. These natural laundry crystals dissolve and add scent to a load of laundry. 

      These are made of our own salt mixture which we have developed over several years.


    Customer Reviews

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    Egyptian musk

    The Egyptian musk laundry crystals are to die for. All of the range is beautiful and makes your clothes smell divine. Great job


    Fantastic product

    Robyn G Vinoya
    Laundry crystals

    Use all the time, smells beautiful on my clothes after been washed

    Barbara Buschel
    MY FAV

    Been buying these for a while, the smell, I get lotus flower. It's better than fabric softner. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

    C B

    5 stars! I love the smell of my laundry crystals. work beautifully with my machine, no irritation and smells amazing!