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Laundry Crystals


Add a pleasant laundry fragrance to your washing and soften your clothes with our Laundry Fragrance Crystals by Little Brown Goose. These crystals are a fabric softener and fragrance all in one without the harsh chemicals and unnecessary fillers in commercial products. Our laundry crystals are made from a salt mixture we developed.

Add one tablespoon (or more as desired) of crystals to your top or front loader washing machine for a soft, fragrant laundry wash-like fabric softener. A 500g bag of laundry crystals will last for up to 40 washes based on 1 Tb used per load.  These are also available in a 1kg resealable bag and a 4.5kg bucket. 

Laundry crystals can also be used as a room fragrance.  Use a small amount anywhere in your house that needs a fragrance lift. Need help determining which scent to order? Try a sample bag that lasts for 1 - 2 washes.





Laundry Crystals are our natural alternative to fabric softeners. They can be added to the washing machine like any fabric softener during a regular laundry cycle. The laundry crystals dissolve and add scent and softness to a load of laundry. These are also known as Laundry Boosters or Laundry Scent boosters.

Because our Laundry Crystals are naturally made without harsh chemicals and additives, we understand that the scent may lessen if you use a clothes dryer. If you are a regular dryer user, grab some wool dryer balls and add your favourite scent to these with our fragrance oils to enhance the smell.