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Shampoo Bar

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Indulge in silky, soft, and fabulous hair with our handmade shampoo bars. Don't be fooled by their size - these bars are long-lasting and eco-friendly. Say hello to a sustainable hair care solution packed with Broccoli Seed Oil for luscious locks and reduced environmental impact. With minimal packaging, one bar can last for over 50 washes.


Mr Grey (Formerly Fifty Shades)
Send your senses into overdrive with this alluring and powerful fragrance. Embark on an exciting olfactory experience with sharp citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin, paired with warm tobacco, wood and musk.

Fairy Queen (Formerly Snow Fairies)
This blend of cotton candy, pear drops, bubble gum and vanilla, and it smells exactly like the boiled raspberry drop lollies.

Raspberry & Vanilla
This alluring fragrance, which has pretty white florals at its core, is helmed by a bold combination of blackberries and raspberries. Resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk harmonise the fragrance.

One of the classics in the oriental fragrance category, it has a masculine accord of bergamot and neroli layered over tonka bean, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Cedarwood & Sage
Slow mornings spent sipping coffee in a chic boutique café. Zesty citrus notes combine with herbaceous sage and a rich woody base to create a refreshing and invigorating scent. This is a clean and sophisticated fragrance for any space.

Lemon Myrtle essential oil.

Wet hair. Slide the bar from the roots to the tips until sudsy (or suds up in hands). Place the bar aside and massage the shampoo through the hair. Rinse well. Follow up with one of our conditioner bars. Keep the bar dry when not in use.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI Needles), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI Powder), BTMS - 25 Conditioning Emulsifier, Broccoli Seed Oil, Coco Betaine, Cetyl Alcohol, Fragrance Oil, Panthenol B5, Soya Bean Protein, Liquid Germall Plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Merran Kay
Shampoo soap

Tried this, at first didn’t think it was going to foam, but all of a sudden did. Smells so good, I want it for when we go camping takes up little room in m toiletries bag. Only want small container to keep it in, any ideas 🤔 merran.

Hi Merran,
A mesh type bag is perfect as you can hand it up to dry out as well after use.
Hope that helps.
LBG Team

Amazing Shampoo Bar

Really amazing shampoo bars. Lovely scents too. Make you hair very soft and you don’t need to add a conditioner. Highly recommend.

Taylar Harvey
Shampoo bar

Love this product, suds up really easy. My partner even uses it and he thinks it's the best thing!

Anne Keyzer
Good result

Everything that I have used on my hair far has caused itching, but so far, not this shampoo. I have only used it once, but I am very hopeful.


Using the shampoo bar leaves my hair nice and clean without feeling like it has stripped all the goodness out of it!! Excellent product.


Australian Made

Born from a need for skin-friendly options we're dedicated to natural low-tox options for all skin types and home products.

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