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Surprise Bath Bombs Box



    Do you love surprises? Our luxury mystery boxes are packed with some of our best-selling bath bombs. These will have randomly selected fragrances in them to add to the surprise.

    These Australian bath bomb surprise boxes contain our premium lux bath bombs. Handcrafted surprise bath bomb boxes make the perfect birthday gifts for, moms, teen girls, dads, women, teachers, or yourself—the ideal addition to stocking stuffer bags for the holidays.


  • Small Box

    1 x Doughnut Bath Bomb
    1 x Cupcake Bath Bomb
    1 x Mini Bath Bombs
    2 x Jumbo Bath Bombs
    1 x Bath Dust 360g

    Medium Box

    1 x Bath Dust 360g
    2 x Cupcake Bath Bombs
    2 x Jumbo Bath Bombs
    3 x Doughnut Bath Bombs
    1 x Bath Rubble
    2 x Mini Bath Bombs


    1 x Bath Dust 650g
    4 x Cupcake Bath Bombs
    6 x Doughnut Bath Bombs
    1 x Bath Rubble
    5 x Jumbo Bath Bombs
    6 x Mini Bath Bombs

    Extra Large

    8 x Mini Bath Bombs
    8 x Jumbo Bath Bombs
    8 x Doughnut Bath Bombs
    6 x Cupcake Bath Bombs
    2 x Bath Rubble


    Please check product information pages for these directions, as each box is different. ** Boxes will vary from images, in colour and scents **



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    J Thompson
    Fabulous - affordable quality

    Amazing value... ordered the medium surprise box during a special offer and it was better than awesome value! They smell divine and look so pretty. Something for everyone.

    Kez T

    These smell amazing , the receiver of these item will love them for sure

    Love it!!

    Bought this as a gift for my mum for Christmas. Once it arrived I had to look 😅 It smelt absolutely devine before I even opened the box! Once I took a look inside I was beyond eager to pinch one for myself 😅
    There was soooo many and they looked absolutely amazing.. also scrumptious! Had to remind myself that they weren’t real edible cupcakes or donuts or ice cream scoops 🤪
    I love it, honestly! I purchased the kids fun box from here not so long ago for my little sister in law (also for Christmas) and after that I just knew I had to buy more so here I am ☺️
    I love it!! Can’t wait to gift them to my loved ones.
    Very soon, I’m going to treat myself to some bath bombs and soaps.
    Thank you! Your products are amazing

    Little bundle of surprise happiness

    This was a great way to be introduced into the world of bathbombs. They all look and smell incredible. The colours aren't overpowering, and the fizz is amazing. The value is good when compared to individual item values. And best yet, its a complete surprise.
    Rubble is an added bonus, as these crumbled bits are wonderful for adding volume to baths for kiddos who just want to play in foamy fizzy goodness.

    Surprise bath bomb box

    Beautiful products that I highly recommend. We keep coming back again and again.